Intermediate Restraints

BDSM Harnesses & Intermediate Bondage Restraints for Fetish Play

Maybe you're not a pro BDSM punisher just yet, but also not quite a beginner. For BDSM enthusiasts who love being strapped down or tied up, or wielding the power and being the one to bind their lover, Intermediate Restraints like our Adjustable Tether straps, our Under the Bed Restraint System or our best-selling Original Sportsheets system are the perfect kits to add to your collection. As you work your way deeper and deeper into the world of pain and pleasure, you'll get more and more creative. Any room can instantly become your very own playground of desire. Find adjustable spreader bars, sports cuffs, door jam cuffs, neck and wrist restraints and more to make any door or piece of furniture a part of your pleasure dungeon. Show your lover who's boss - or be the submissive lover as she becomes the sexy dominatrix, taking your arousal for ransom - using BDSM accessories like collars and leashes, leather ankle restraints, breathable ball gags and more.