Accessible Straps, Harnesses and Sex Toys for People With Disabilities

Positioning aids and toys—slings, straps, links, and cuffs—can be used to make both ‘basic’ sex positions (like missionary or lying down) and more exotic sex more accessible. And just because the sex may be adapted, doesn’t mean it has to be tame. Aids like a door sex sling or a spreader bar make it easier to position the legs and body for all kinds of adventurous sex—whether laying down, sitting, standing or in the shower. You get to be creative and adventurous with your partner as you explore all the ways you can adapt sex to meet both your wants.
With the Everlaster, men who suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction can enjoy continued penetrative sex with their partner, as can paralyzed men who have lost function in their penis. The Everlaster allows for the intimacy and connection of penetration, regardless of your body’s capabilities. The Everlaster comes in two harness styles and three colors and has enabled men to enjoy penetration when they otherwise might not be able to. Sportsheets has shared this collection with the Coalition to Support America’s Heroes, and wounded veterans who had lost the ability to have penetrative sex were able to re-experience that bond with their partner.