Blindfolds & Masks

Sex Blindfolds and Bondage Masks Collection

When it comes to seduction, it's not just about adding new sex toys, accessories and eye candy. Sometimes it's about taking something away. Heighten your partner's sensations through sensory deprivation. Blindfolds eliminate the sense of sight which heightens all the other senses to new levels, especially the sense of touch. Cover your partner's pretty eyes and keep them guessing at your next move. Choose from our wide selection of blindfolds, from seductive lace to sexy satin to edgy leather or the stylish blackout mask. Every sensation becomes more intense and tantalizing when your partner slips into complete darkness, leaving you to stalk your prey without mercy. Blindfolds are a BDSM favorite for all levels. For those who love submission and power play, the Shadow Hood in black or pink provides the blackout experience for the wearer, a mask that covers the entire face except for the mouth. Bind, tie-up, strap down, restrain and punish. Whatever your BDSM desires are, this Shadow Hood mask is the perfect accessory to keep your lover quivering in complete submission as you assume full control...or vice versa. Keep them at the full mercy of the scenario; a break-in, a spy interrogation, a kidnapping or whatever tickles your fancy; the Shadow Mask is the perfect accessory for intensely arousing roleplay. For fun with fetishes and masquerade fantasies, find our selection of masquerade masks. Eyes are uncovered, but a masquerade mask adds a flair of elegant eroticism that makes the wearer irresistible to whoever beholds them. Choose the sophisticated Grey masquerade mask or the super glam, boldly embellished chained lace mask.