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9 Exciting Sex Positions For Couples

When it comes to breaking the barriers of boredom in the bedroom, different people try different things. You can get a sex toy kit to enhance date night. You can pick up a book like the Kama Sutra to find new and exciting positions. You can invite someone else into your bedroom, or, you know, a few other people.Or you can try one of these nine exciting sex positions.

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Peg Me, Please: The Straight Man's Guide To Getting Pegged By His Woman

"If there is one thing I hate, as a man, it is experiencing new sexual pleasure and being brought to new orgasmic heights.”                 -Completely Made Up So, there’s a reason I had to make up that quote: it has literally never been said, even by accident.  So why, when it comes to the amazing orgasm that pegging can cause, is there so often reluctance? In this guide, we work to understand and overcome hesitation and inaccuracies surrounding the act of getting pegged.

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