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Making Men Moan: User’s Guide to the P-Spot

The P-spot is well renowned for its orgasmic abilities – when done right, the prostate can cause extreme, full-body orgasms for men, resulting in tingling sensations all over their bodies. Touching and rubbing the prostate gland is so sensual as the area is absolutely packed with nerve endings – almost the same amount as what’s found in the clitoris. It’s for this reason that prostate orgasms can feel better than penile ones –  they’re deeper and last longer. The Humble Prostate: Understanding Its Anatomy and Function Anatomically, the prostate is a muscular gland, weighing approximately ¾ of an ounce (20g) – surrounding the urethra just beneath the bladder. During ejaculation, millions of sperm move from the testes through tubes called...

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