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The ABC of Lube

The ABC of Lube



            If you’re not on a strict ancient Greco-Roman diet, then your options for personal lube go beyond saliva and olive oil. Water-based, oil-based, silicone-based, lube to get yourself just wet enough, lube for next-level handjobs and blowjobs, even lubes for those nights you’re in the mood to really push your boundaries.

            It’s all a matter of your personal desires. Playing with toys? Water-based lube won’t deteriorate toys, and they don’t stain your sheets. They do dry up after a time, but with a lick or some more water, the glycerin reactivates. They’re the most popular with couples since they are safe to use with condoms.

            Oil-based and silicone-based lubes don’t dry up as water-based lubes do, but they could deteriorate condoms and the rubber in some toys. Each has its own feeling to them. CAUTION: Your tub or shower will become very slippery when using these lubes.

            Silicone feels silky and lasts longer because it doesn’t absorb into your skin. It’s the lube for couples that don’t have a need for condoms.

            Oil-based lubes are also the choice for couples that don’t have a need for condoms. Most toys aren’t made with latex, and for the most part, are safe to use with oil-based lubes. They’re long-lasting and are the most natural, derived from petroleum jelly, mineral oil (also called baby oil) or vegetable oil.

            Shall we go deeper? Flavored lubes are tasty for blowjobs and oral sex, and are safe to eat. How does vanilla mint sound? Red velvet?  What about a Jack Daniels whiskey flavored lube? 

            Sportsheets International has added lubes and gels to their famous best-selling Sex In The Shower line.  A Lickable Warming Lube (luscious berry flavored) that heats up just from breathing on it. See why we love talking about this subject?  Also new are a clear Shower Gel Lube and Kissable Passion Bubbles (tastes like bubble gum).

            Okay, one more. You and you’re partner (partners?) jump in the shower. Already, you are slippery on each other, play-fighting for the shower. When your blood really starts to beat, she pushes to the wall, bends over to pick up some warming lube. She pours it on you and rubs it all over. You do it for her. She’s slick now and rubs on you up and down, she turns around. Now you’re both smooth and gliding over each other, licking, kissing, your bodies hot in some places while cool water pours over you. Would you like that?

            It’s just a matter of keeping things fresh. Some days simply the sight of your partner taking off their shirt is enough to trigger you, but your lube is always there in case you’re looking for a little extra wetness, testing out a new sex toy, or giving your partner something they didn’t expect when they left for work that day. It is, after all, all up to your desire.

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