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Safe Bondage: The Products and Discussions that Keep Your Kink Connected

“I’ve always wanted to try BDSM, but isn’t it… dangerous?” I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked that question. Okay, I can (it’s probably like seven times). Regardless, it is something people wonder about. When you first hear about BDSM, the connotations are dark, shadowy, and even bruise-purple. It’s part of our cultural assumptions.

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Test the Waters of BDSM with 'Vanilla Bondage'

There are a lot of people who are fascinated, intrigued, and turned on by the thought of bondage, restraint play, domination, submission, role-playing, or any other element that makes up BDSM sexuality. But they may be scared at the thought of pain, imagining that’s all BDSM is, and think that you have to jump right into being tied to a door and whipped. But we’d like to introduce you to a concept called “vanilla bondage.” Vanilla bondage is BDSM without the binding, flogs, or whips. It is BDSM for people who want to learn more, or who have learned more, and know precisely what they want.

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Poolside Pegging

Congrats to Mistress Kay of My Kinky World for winning best BDSM in our Valentine's Fantasy Contest. Her three-way poolside pegging fantasy definitely left us hot and bothered! ________________________ Clang! I pull the name badge off from around my neck and drop it unceremoniously onto the glass-topped table next to my chair. Enjoying the weekend at a kink conference with two of my play partners had been a fantastic idea. Both my submissives, we had enjoyed some spanking and orgasm torture scenes the night before, and we were looking forward to today's activities of relaxation. The room's humidity told me that something besides the leather dress I was wearing might have been more conducive to relaxation, though. This afternoon, the three...

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