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9 Exciting Sex Positions For Couples
By: Sportsheets - 06/07/2021
When it comes to breaking the barriers of boredom in the bedroom, different people try different things.
Ways to Be Intimate: Bringing Vulnerability into the Bedroom
By: Sportsheets - 01/25/2021
Letting yourself be vulnerable in the most intimate possible setting, when you open your body to another person, is one of the most moving and bonding things you can do.
8 Aphrodisiacs to Spice Up Your Life
By: Sportsheets - 07/24/2019
Are you looking for a little boost in the bedroom?
Marriage Bed Tips: 6 Best Toys to Spice Up Sex for Married Couples
By: Sportsheets - 02/13/2018
Married couples want to break the routine and begin to experiment, without having to rearrange their lives.
Building Anticipation: 8 Ways to Turn Yourself On Before a Sexy Night In
By: Sportsheets - 02/01/2018
There's nothing more delightful than being in a cloud of your own sexual energy while the world passes by. Get ready for tonight.
Sharing is Caring: Vibrators for Couples
By: Sportsheets - 09/22/2017
Imaginative couples are bringing vibrators into their sex lives - and enjoying sensational results!
A Sexy Cure for the Post-Election Blues
By: Sportsheets - 11/23/2016
No one can deny that this year's election cycle was a tough one. Winners, losers and everyone in between seem to all be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions.