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Sexy Date Night Ideas: Sex Toy Kits Provide a 'Date in a Box' for Couples

Sex toy kits provide a theme and direction for your next date night—but more than that, they provide limitless possibilities. They all contain a few kinds of toys, letting you explore each other in ways that you might not have imagined before… or, more likely, in ways that you have imagined, when you dreamed up a steamy pulp-romance-cover sort of date night. Really, these sex toy kits are a date in a box, providing the perfect material for a sexy end to your night. 

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Sex and Intimacy After Amputation: Building Trust as a Couple in the Bedroom

Like any disability or lasting change to our body, amputation and limb loss can lead to honest doubts and uncertainties. Those concerns range from the small to the significant, and extend to every corner of life. It’s natural to wonder about the effect on sex and intimate partnerships. While limb loss and amputation may require adaptations and modifications to your intimacy, it should not diminish the quality, vibrancy, and satisfaction of your sex life.

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Red Satin Sheets

Congrats to Elena, winner of the most romantic entry in our Valentine's Fantasy Contest! ___________________________ Elena was just getting home… thinking to herself – Oh, another Valentine’s Day!  Henry probably forgot… being so busy with getting his car detailed and buffed.  Hmpt!  I wouldn’t mind by buffed myself! She entered her home and it was dark… She thought: Yep, Henry forgot about our dinner tonight… oh well!  Then she stopped – Wait… what was that noise?  Did someone break into the house… no… that’s music.  Burglers don’t usually put on romantic music! 

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