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12 Sexy Roleplay Ideas to Dive Into This Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, couples everywhere are beginning to think about what roleplaying games they can act out to get into the spirit of the season. Today, we’re diving into 12 of our favorite roleplay ideas — from sweet, light-hearted, and fun to hardcore BDSM roleplay — to help you determine what fantasies most align with your deepest desires. 

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12 of Sportsheets’ Sexy Toys for Every Sensual Fantasy

When it comes to quality sex toys, we take things very seriously here at Sportsheets. It’s why we would position ourselves as the best sex toy company out there! So, which of the products from our sex toy shop are our favorite? As you can probably imagine, it’s hard to pick just one...

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Bondage for Beginners

Have you ever fantasized about being tied up or tying up your partner? Have you gotten erotically charged with the idea of receiving or giving a spanking? Does the whole S&M world rouse your curiosity? If so, you’re in good company and you have nothing to worry about. “Getting your kink on, can actually be healthy, both for your body and for your relationship,” says sex educator Tristan Taormino. “People who practice kink explore the territory between pleasure and pain, eroticize the exchange of power, experience intense physical sensations and psychological scenarios, and test and push their limits,” she says. “Kink can be a unique laboratory—a sacred space where we feel safe enough to try new things, push our boundaries,...

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