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6 Tips for Enjoyable (and Safe!) Sex After Hip Replacement Surgery

6 Tips for Enjoyable (and Safe!) Sex After Hip Replacement Surgery

The road to recovery after hip replacement surgery can be long and challenging. It’s no surprise that patients become eager to get back to their old lives and routines and often struggle to adapt to their new—though temporary—physical limitations.

These limitations include those surrounding intimacy with partners. While recovery can take up to an entire year, that is a very long time to wait to resume relations. And as it turns out, love really can’t wait. And shouldn’t have to.

The most important thing to keep in mind, throughout the healing process, is to be patient with your partner and yourself. Intimacy is all about empathy, and if you or your partner are recovering from surgery, that need for empathy and understanding only increases. Remember, these limitations will pass. You can still enjoy intimacy… and pleasure. And until you are fully recovered, you can still have hot, passionate, steamy sex. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a position or toy that brings you and your partner amazing new ways to orgasm.

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