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Fun with a Strap-On - A Guide to Pegging

By: Emily Fata

Pegging Properly

For some people, pegging is just about the most fun you can have with a strap-on. For others, it's something they've always thought about trying, but never quite got around to. For still others, it might be a completely unfamiliar term.

If you're in that third group, wonder no longer: pegging is, quite simply, when a woman fucks a man in the ass with a strap-on.

There are lots of reasons why couples enjoy pegging. First and foremost is the fact that anal play can feel great. Lots of men enjoy having their prostate stimulated. Being pegged often hits the perfect spot.

It's also an intensely intimate act. Pegging puts the woman in the driver's seat and allows her to control the pace of pleasure - something she might not otherwise get to experience. It's an act that can turn the power dynamic of a relationship on its head, and allow for some fantastic fantasy play.

So maybe you're ready to give pegging a try. But how do you go about it? There are a few things you should keep in mind before trying pegging with your partner.


Getting emotionally ready

Because pegging is such an intense act, it often requires a little emotional groundwork before the fun can begin. If you want to peg your partner, it's important to discuss it with them beforehand. An intimate act like this isn't something you should spring on them as a surprise!

While many men really enjoy anal play, they can also be reluctant to open up to it. Allowing you to penetrate them can feel like a reversal of roles or a giving up of power. For someone who has never been a receiver before, being fucked can be intensely vulnerable and intimate.

You might find that even though your partner enjoys anal play, they're not into pegging. It's just too much for some people and doesn't get them off, no matter how much they might enjoy having their ass stimulated in other ways. Be prepared to accept that your partner might not be into, no matter how gentle or patient you are.

If you're the one who wants to experience pegging, be tactful when raising it with your partner. They may be very into it, which is excellent - but equally, they might have a hard time taking control, and might not have any previous experience of anal play, making them reluctant to try something so new and unfamiliar.

When you shop for supplies (see below), do it together. Do some research together too. Talk, talk, talk. Discuss how you think it might feel, and how you're going to go about it. Discussing things like this gives your partner a chance to get comfortable with what's about to happen - and builds up some excitement as well.

Getting your kit ready

Depending on what's in your toy box, you might need to pick up a few things before experimenting with pegging. First and foremost, you'll need a strap-on harness and a dildo to go inside it. It's best to err on the small side when first setting out to play. You may like to buy a 'beginner' strap-on dildo, or graduated set of dildos so that you can swap them out and work your way up through the sizes.

The other thing you'll need is lube. A lot of it. The number one problem couples have when experimenting with anal play is that they don't use enough! Make sure to pick up plenty of lube, and consider buying specially-formulated anal lube. This is thicker and won't dry out or disappear as quickly as a regular lubricant.

Not everyone enemas before engaging in anal play, but if you want to, a good-quality enema bulb is a must. This ensures that you are squeaky clean before play begins, which might help you relax and enjoy yourself. Conversely, using an enema can dry out the rectum if done too often or too aggressively. Strike a balance that works for you. You won't need a full enema, just a low enema that cleans out the immediate area.

Finally, gloves and wipes can be handy. Wipes make cleaning up a breeze, and gloves allow you to play with your partner's ass, then change gloves and move onto other areas of their body without spreading any mess.


Once you've talked things over and got hold of your equipment, the fun can begin. Lots of people think that being on hands and knees is the only way to receive anal penetration, but it can be challenging to relax in this position if you've never tried it before. Pegging while spooning, or with the receiving partner lying flat on their front makes for a milder first-time experience.

Use lots of lube, both on the strap-on and on the receiving partner's anus. Making sure they're turned on before you begin can really help them relax and make penetration much more comfortable. Needless to say, be gentle and patient. Once the tip is inside, you can let the receiving partner set the pace by thrusting back against you. This will tell you how fast and how deep they want it before you fully take control.

Don't get impatient if your partner can't take a strap-on straight away, even if it's small. Playing with butt plugs and other anal toys can be an excellent way to warm up and get used to the sensation, making pegging easier down the line.

If using regular lube, you may want to reapply it a few times during the session, as it can dry out. Likewise, keep stimulating the receiving partner in other ways too as you penetrate them, to keep them relaxed.


Pegging is an amazingly intimate act and one that lots of couples enjoy. It's not for everyone, but if you want to experiment with it, the steps above should help you have a great time doing so. Prepare carefully, talk it over with your partner, and - most of all - have fun!