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Buying Adult Products Online: What to Look for When Choosing Your First Sex Toy

Everyone has a first time for buying an adult toy, whether you are 18 or 80. And, despite things changing, and the ease that online shopping brings to the process, it remains the same for everyone: you have to find what makes you happy. But if you’ve never bought adult products before, you may not know the best ways of doing it, and may feel embarrassed about that, as well as nervous about buying them. Don’t be.

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Sexy Date Night Ideas: Sex Toy Kits Provide a 'Date in a Box' for Couples

Sex toy kits provide a theme and direction for your next date night—but more than that, they provide limitless possibilities. They all contain a few kinds of toys, letting you explore each other in ways that you might not have imagined before… or, more likely, in ways that you have imagined, when you dreamed up a steamy pulp-romance-cover sort of date night. Really, these sex toy kits are a date in a box, providing the perfect material for a sexy end to your night. 

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