Keeping It Real In The Bedroom

If you are in a sexual relationship and are looking for new ways to spice things up in the bedroom, why not try vibrators, wand massagers or even g-spot toys? Many couples are starting to bring sex toys into their sex lives to change things up a bit, or add a little bit more excitement. For some couples, regular everyday sex and the same old sex positions, become boring after a time. In today's ever-changing world of technology and the society becoming more self-aware that sex and toys are no...

Building Anticipation: 8 Ways to Turn Yourself On Before a Sexy Night In

It’s Friday morning, but not just any Friday morning. Tonight is date night. You’ve had this day planned for a while; you’ve already gotten your sex toy “date in a box” kit. There are no phones, the kids are with mom, maybe you’re going to dinner, maybe not. The whole goal of this date night is to have time alone together.

And, needless to say, to spend that time twined in and around each other’s bodies as much as possible.

But it’s still morning. It’s 8:00 AM. You’re rushing to get to work. You have, like, at least 10 hours before you can taste each other again. How will you make it through the day?

These eight tips will help you use those hours at work for naughty intimacy, surrounded by people who have no idea what is roiling inside you. There’s nothing more delightful than being in a cloud of your own sexual energy while the world passes by. Get ready for tonight.

Ways to Be Intimate: Bringing Vulnerability into the Bedroom

Letting yourself be vulnerable in the most intimate possible setting, when you open your body to another person, is one of the most moving and bonding things you can do. Vulnerability in the bedroom is a gateway to true, deep intimacy. It allows you to know the other person, to know yourself, and to join together in ways you never thought possible.

Sexy Date Night Ideas: Sex Toy Kits Provide a 'Date in a Box' for Couples

Sex toy kits provide a theme and direction for your next date night—but more than that, they provide limitless possibilities. They all contain a few kinds of toys, letting you explore each other in ways that you might not have imagined before… or, more likely, in ways that you have imagined, when you dreamed up a steamy pulp-romance-cover sort of date night.

Really, these sex toy kits are a date in a box, providing the perfect material for a sexy end to your night. 

Sharing is Caring: Vibrators for Couples

If your partner is new to or unsure about using a vibrator, start by using it on him/her outside of clothing or underwear. Play round, enjoy the journey. Move it around the body — thighs, stomach, arms, face before working your way slowly - teasingly -  towards their genitals.

If you’re also a little new to this too then ask for the same treatment in return.

Starting with simple moves like this helps both of you build confidence in your ability to please your partner — and it gets you comfortable with the idea of bringing this exciting toy into your love life.