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Marriage Bed Tips: 6 Best Toys to Spice Up Sex for Married Couples

Even without kids, it can be hard for married couples sometimes to break the routine and try something new in bed. Not everyone is going to check into a sex dungeon for the weekend, or turn their apartment into a Den of Erotic Mysteries. But the alternative to that isn’t another night of bickering about what to watch on Netflix. Married couples want to break the routine and begin to experiment, without having to rearrange their lives. Routine breaking can be easily done, sparking passion, making every day a little better, and maybe leading to more adventures together in the bedroom. You don’t need a dungeon. You just need these six best toys to spice up sex for married couples.  

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Building Anticipation: 8 Ways to Turn Yourself On Before a Sexy Night In

It’s Friday morning, but not just any Friday morning. Tonight is date night. You’ve had this day planned for a while; you’ve already gotten your sex toy “date in a box” kit. There are no phones, the kids are with mom, maybe you’re going to dinner, maybe not. The whole goal of this date night is to have time alone together. And, needless to say, to spend that time twined in and around each other’s bodies as much as possible. But it’s still morning. It’s 8:00 AM. You’re rushing to get to work. You have, like, at least 10 hours before you can taste each other again. How will you make it through the day? These eight tips will help you use those...

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