Out of the Shower and Into the Fantasy

Congrats to Cheyenne, who packed an amazing amount of Sportsheets products in her sexy entry to our Valentine's Fantasy Contest. Not surprisingly, she won the "Best Use of sex toys award. Enjoy!


My fantasy starts out at home. I'm getting ready to take a shower and I think I heard something in the other room. I go to check it out but nothing is there.

I take my clothes off and jump in the shower. I reach for my Vibrating Mesh Sponge to pleasure myself. I put my foot on my Single Locking Suction Foot Rest, then I begin to feel the power of my sponge. Just as I'm about to shower all over the shower I hear someone again in the other room. Babe is that you? I call out but no one answers. Now I'm starting to get nervous! All my senses are high. I hurry and finish my shower so I can find out what's going on.

I get dry and walk into the bedroom to find the Extreme Under The Bed Restraints on my bed. The Masquerade Party and Golden Opportunities on my pillows. Surrender Grip Cuffs hanging from my wall, Edge Spike Flogger and Ruby Black Nipple Clips laying on the dresser.

What's going on? How did all this get here? And before I have the time to ask myself any more questions I'm pushed onto the bed. Blindfolded with the Grey Satin Blindfold and I get a Hush Ball Gag put in my mouth.

Shut up and get ready! I hear a voice say. I'm immediately put in restraints. I begin to feel the Boy Next Door Dildo jammed inside my butt. Next, I feel the warm touch of fingers spreading me open starting to move in and out. It's getting harder and harder and then he puts his long hard cock inside me! As I'm fighting back the painful pleasure of being penetrated in both holes at the same time I hear my husband say, baby, it's ok it's me.

He is going really hard now. I can feel myself ripping inside a little! It's too rough! I scream but he doesn't listen. He keeps going getting harder and harder and then he just stops. He gives my body a second to calm down he takes off my blindfold and my gag. "your gonna like this next part" he says.

I'm staring at him in awe that he would do something this amazing. He then begins kissing all over my body. Running the Toe Tickler Black Feather up and down my body giving me the shakes just waiting for the next phase of his plan. He then put on the Bling Nipple Clips and starts pulling up and down. He tells me to play while he begins going inside me again. He gives me the Lavender 10 Function Vibrator and I have him open me up a little more so it can fit inside for some vibrating double penetration. My legs are screaming at this point shaking uncontrollably. It's feeling so good for us both I can feel his cock getting tighter as he's getting ready to get off, and then a burst and we are both left feeling so good. I roll over to wipe myself and bam he finishes off with a smack from the S&M Crystal Whip.

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