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Mix & Match With Merge

Mix & Match With Merge

Exciting news for all Sportsheets® fans!

We’ve recently launched the Merge Collection™, a series of incredibly designed dildos and accessories (like O Rings and silicone harness cushions) that work with any Strap On in our collection and will inspire you to take your pleasure to the next level. All Merge Collection™ designs come with a limited lifetime or five-year warranty, making sure each toy you collect will transform your intimacy for years to come.

Curious about how to incorporate this new collection into your erotic fantasies, whether that means turning yourself on or playing with a sex partner? Look no further. While you can use any Merge Dildo on its own, they also play well with any other accessory in our new collection.

Today, we’re here to show you some of our favorite mix-and-match options for any Strap On Experience Level.

Option #1

Platinum Lace Corsette Strap On

This gorgeous harness with lace detailing is perfect for pegging someone with a penis or vulva. Four-way straps and interchangeable O Rings make it ideal to use in combination with any of our Merge Collection™ items!

Periwinkle O Rings 4-Pack

Add a little bit of periwinkle to your play! We love our Merge Collection™ rubber O Rings! This vibrantly colored four-pack of interchangeable silicone rings allows users to decide which level of tightness works best for their body.

SAGE 8” Silicone G Spot Dildo

Looking for a sex toy that can stimulate both the G-spot and P-spot? This eight-inch solid silicone dildo has a flared base perfect for use with the Platinum Lace Corsette Strap On, as well as underwear-style harnesses.

LUMA Dildo & Harness Silicone Cushion

Add a little cushion while you’re pushin’! LUMA is a harness cushion that slips easily over the base of any flared dildo measuring 2” to 3.75”, to reduce pubic bruising. Its triangular shape also lends to stabilizing the toy while it’s nestled in the Strap On.

Option #2

Anal Explorer Kit

For folx looking to explore the pleasures of anal penetration, this is the harness set for you. For entry-level to veteran, interchangeable O Rings make switching out dildos for varying girths and lengths a breeze.

Coral O Rings 4-Pack

Add a splash of color to your harness! These stretchy, latex-free rings come in sizes 1.5”, 1.75”, 2”, and 2.25”. Did you know you can also use these O Rings in place of a cock ring?

Nyx Silicone Dildo, 5”

Ready to go for both solo and partnered play, suction-cup-bottom sex toys like this are made with versatility in mind. If you’re not using it in a harness, stick it to your shower wall and have some fun!

OVE Dildo & Harness Silicone Cushion

Protect your pubic bone from bruising with OVE! This smooth and squishy silicone sleeve stretches easily over the base of dildos measuring 2” to 3.75”. 

Option #3


Vibrating Velvet Strap On

Thinking about using a Strap On tonight? This design frames your ass while bringing the wearer pleasure with a well-positioned vibrator pocket. All you have to do now is decide which dildo to strap in.

Navy O Rings 4-Pack

Brightening up your Strap On play has officially been made easy for you! Mix and match these silicone O Rings to stabilize your dildo of choice to your harness.

RYPLIE 6” Silicone G Spot Dildo

Pleasure and versatility are married in the incredible design of this dildo. Not only is this great to use with harnesses like the Vibrating Velvet Strap On, but it can also be used in wet and wild scenarios, including with waterproof harnesses. With ample curvature and a nonrealistic pleasure-bump shaft, the possibilities for pleasure are endless.

Option #4

Ménage à Trois Strap On

Trying to find the best Strap On for double penetration? You’ve come to the right place. Two expertly placed O Rings allow the wearer to penetrate two partners simultaneously. Dildo girths and lengths are interchangeable so that you can select your toy based on your partners’ individual preferences. 

Plum O Rings 4-Pack

We can’t get enough of these beautifully colored O Rings from our new Merge Collection™! Whether using in your favorite harness or wearing around your testicles for increased stamina, these rings have you covered on all fronts.

ASTIL 8” Silicone G Spot Dildo

If partner number one is looking for some G-spot stimulation, this is their dildo. The tapered tip is perfect for targeted pleasure, and the silky soft silicone makes it super comfortable during insertion.

MYST 5” Silicone Vibrating Dildo

Sometimes, a little vibration action is needed to stimulate the P- or A-spots. If this is what partner number two is on the hunt for, look no further. (We also love this option as a vibrator for couples, outside of strap on play.)

Option #5

Thigh Strap On

We love this harness, as it’s perfect for all bodies. Intimacy as a person with quadriplegia and having sex with Multiple Sclerosis is much easier with this Strap On!

Turquoise O Rings 4-Pack

This colorful O Ring four-pack is ideal for brightly stabilizing your dildo bases to your harness of choice or instead of a cock ring.

REN 6” Silicone G Spot Dildo

This dildo is pleasure and versatility combined. You’ll want to experiment with this one! The flared base makes it perfect for harness play, but it can also be enjoyed all on its own.

From our carefully crafted O Rings to finding a dildo in the perfect shape and size for you or your partner’s body, the Sportsheets® Merge Collection™ is here to take your pleasure to the next level. Now, you can dive into your role-play fantasies, explore your BDSM limits, attend a kinky party fully equipped for pleasure — you name it. Our new collection is here to fulfill your desires every step of the way.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to Merge with pleasure.

Which item in Sportsheets’ brand-new Merge Collection is your favorite? Is there a particular combination of sex toys that you must have while mixing and matching? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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