Using Valentine's to Heat Up Your Sex Life

by Sportsheets Inc January 26, 2017

Using Valentine's to Heat Up Your Sex Life

Sportsheets is all about "Keeping Couples Connected"

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there is no better time to show your partner just how connected you want to be. Chocolates can be pretty vanilla, but a heart shaped crop might be just what Cupid ordered. Check out these sexy ideas to spice up your night. With any luck, you’ll be in Valentine’s mode until March! 

If you want to create some suspense for the big night, try building it up over the weeks before Valentine’s Day.

Fantasy Journal

One great tool for couple’s working on communicating desires is to write in a shared journal. Have one of you write out a fantasy and then leave the book for the partner. Back-and-forth, keep moving the fantasy forward. This can be even more titillating if you pretend that the journal doesn’t exist. Secretly, you will be able to sneak a peek at your kinky ideas while you patiently await a Valentine’s sextravanganza.

Leave Sexy Notes

Want to leave a sexy surprise for your partner to come home to? Try putting up some sticky notes around the house with special messages. Always wanted to throw your lover down on top of the kitchen table? Let them know with a post-it!

Valentine’s doesn’t just have to be about sex, either. Romance and intimacy can heighten a night dedicated to love. Do you two share an inside joke about a funny thing that happened in your home? Leave a note about that memory. Showing you care through communicating how special your lives are together is a great way to lighten the mood and make talking about fantasies a lot easier.

It's All About Communication

Do you want to have a wild night, but have a hard time opening up about kinks and fantasies? You aren’t alone. No matter how old we get, sometimes talking about sex can be a little awkward. Fortunately, there are easy communication tools that can lead you down the right path. Try writing down three things that the other person does that turns you on. Opening up small conversations about the ways you adore each other will help you turn up the heat later. You might even discover ways that you make your partner feel loved and sexy that you never realized!

New Adventures

Is communication not an issue for you? Is Valentine’s Day just a good excuse to get it on, because you likely would have anyway? Well, there’s still some fun in it for you. Why not try to put together your very own sexy couple’s kit? Let the anticipation build and try not to use it until Valentine’s Day. Sportsheets offers several fun kits for all kinds of play, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build it yourself. Maybe your kit might include the new Midnight Satin Mask, a heart shaped crop and a silicone ball gag?

With restraints, blindfolds, positioning straps, whips, floggers and dildos, there is nothing Sportsheets can’t help you can’t put together to have the Valentine’s night of your dreams.

Happy planning!

Sportsheets Inc
Sportsheets Inc


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