Spice Up the Holidays with Some Naughty but Nice Gifts

by Sportsheets Inc December 02, 2016

Spice Up the Holidays with Some Naughty but Nice Gifts

Taking a few extra vacation days around the holidays this year? If so, we have some suggestions on how to spend them — and no, your family is definitely not invited.

This year, why not slip a few naughty items into each others' stockings or under the tree, along with the other gifts? It’s the perfect way to keep your passions going and counter the stress of the holidays.

Sportsheets has a spectrum of gifts… we have something for everyone and for every taste. Here are some of our favorites:

Under the Bed Restraint System

Tie me up, Santa! This beautiful restraint system includes four adjustable bondage cuffs, each made from non-abrasive fabric and Velcro. It’s easy to set up on any size mattress and discreetly tucks under the bed when you’re not using it. Let your fantasies go wild!

Sex & Mischief Nitrile Cock Rings

Stand tall all winter long with this set of three sexy Nitrile rubber cock rings. Go longer and harder throughout the holidays with a little Sex & Mischief fun. Perfect stocking stuffer for Mr. Claus.

Super Cuffs

“Lock me up, Santa! I’ve been real bad.” Comfortable, but extra secure and heavy duty, the Super Cuffs are a sexy addition to your bedroom toys. Snap them on and take charge! Another great stocking stuffer.

I Like It Doggie Style Strap

Add a new twist to an old favorite with this soft, padded belt with adjustable straps. This innovative addition to the bedroom (or wherever you take it) allows you to adjust your positioning for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation. Talk about a Merry Christmas!  

Sex & Mischief Mini Flogger

Here’s an idea… you’re Santa and your partner is the reindeer. Your mission: Get him to fly using your Sex & Mischief Mini Flogger! A great “starter” toy, this faux leather flogger may be small, but it can carry a nice sting. Those toys aren’t going to deliver themselves!

Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Handle

How do Santa and Mrs. Claus heat things up in the North Pole? You guessed it: Sportsheets Sex in the Shower collection, including the dual locking suction handle. Keep steady when you’re getting busy in the shower with these awesome products. It may be cold out there, but it’s never been hotter inside.

These are just a few ideas to spice things up during the holidays (and all year long). What would you like to see under the tree this year?

Sportsheets Inc
Sportsheets Inc


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