Sharing is Caring: Vibrators for Couples

by Bold Apps September 22, 2017

Sharing is Caring: Vibrators for Couples

Think vibrators are only for women to use on their own? Think again. Imaginative couples are bringing vibrators into their sex lives - and enjoying sensational results!

As a refresher, here’s a reminder of what we covered in our Vibrators for Self-Use blog.

  • Start with lowest speeds then increase power gradually
  • Begin with gentle pressure and increase as you learn what you like
  • Use them all over the body — start away from the genitals and work your way to them
  • Try using the vibrator outside of your body and then inside
  • They’re for men, too!

We suggest familiarizing yourself with the vibrator alone at first. Discover what you like, get used to its settings, become comfortable with it yourself before playing with your partner.

Alone you can focus on yourself, become comfortable with using the vibrator — and so be more confident with it when you’re with your partner. Better still, you can build your partner’s confidence by showing him/her what you like - so they can please you from the first time.

You might suggest your partner test out the vibrator alone, too.


Using the vibrator with your partner

If your partner is new to or unsure about using a vibrator, start by using it on him/her outside of clothing or underwear. Play round, enjoy the journey. Move it around the body — thighs, stomach, arms, face before working your way slowly - teasingly -  towards their genitals.

If you’re also a little new to this too then ask for the same treatment in return.

Starting with simple moves like this helps both of you build confidence in your ability to please your partner — and it gets you comfortable with the idea of bringing this exciting toy into your love life.


Vibrator plus oral sex

One creative — and pretty sensational — use of a vibrator during couples sex is when performing oral sex. If she is receiving oral sex then she’s probably having a very nice time of it already... But insert a vibrator into her vagina at the same time as she’s being licked and nibbled... and the combined effect could be absolutely breathtaking.

Of course, if that vibrator happens to be Sportsheets’ Midnight Lavender then its built-in upward tilt is going to stimulate her G-spot area, too - can one person take that much pleasure? There’s only one way to find out.

If you’re performing oral sex on a man try pressing the vibrator against your cheek as you do so. He’ll feel it — and added to the sensations he’s already enjoying it could be a spectacular turn-on!


Vibrator plus penetrative sex

Once you start thinking about how to incorporate the vibrator into your sexual endeavors, you’ll be surprised how many ways you’ll find of doing it. Just adding vibrator use to what you already do is going to create some very pleasing sensations...we promise! 

For example, in a male-female situation he might lie on his back while she lies on him - so her back is on his chest. She inserts him into herself and he thrusts... Very nice already.

But with a vibrator in his hand he can reach around and run it from her lips to her nipples to her tummy to her clitoris - and all the way back again. Suddenly, pretty good sex is becoming unbelievably hot sex!

Such stimulation works equally well in rear-entry positions or “spoon” positions where the person behind can reach in front with the vibrator and trace it up and down their partner’s body... the opportunities to delight are endless.

And in the ever-reliable missionary position a small bullet vibrator can be placed between her outer labia on her clitoris while making love. If she orgasms easier with a vibrator than she does in regular intercourse well... the Sportsheets Mini Vibe vibrator might just show you that you really can have the best of both worlds.

And don’t think it’s always got to be one partner using the vibrator on the other - provided your partner is comfortable with it feel free to use it on yourself, too.


Vibrator in the shower

If you aren’t already overwhelmed by the erotic possibilities of vibrator play, this ought to do it. Sportsheets has several outstanding vibrators that will forever change your understanding of good clean fun.

The Intimate Shower Vibrator gives you a small but powerful package that’s completely water resistant. Great for couple’s sex in the shower and pretty wonderful if you’re in there on your own!  

Or you can really spice it up with the Sportsheets H2O Resistant Vibrator, another small but powerful toy but this time with four interchangeable heads (each with its own texture) to accommodate any sexual mood.

Sportsheets knows how much fun shower sex can be. It’s difficult to make it much better - but these two vibrators might just have done that..!


The Big Finish

A vibrator brings an extra dimension to a couple’s sexual pleasure and can be a joyous part of a loving, physical relationship. If you’re new to vibrator use, go slow — no need to rush. Get used to what you like, get used to what your partner likes and, slowly, slowly start including your vibrating friend into your sex play. You’ll both love it.

Now go out there and have some vibrator fun!


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