Orgasms and the Cure for Holiday Stress

by Sportsheets Inc December 09, 2016

Orgasms and the Cure for Holiday Stress

Are the holidays leaving you stressed out, tired and irritable? We've got just the prescription for you: More orgasms. Doctor's orders... now get busy!  Here's why: 

Sex Cheers You Up

Sex doesn’t only do the work of reducing stress - it also elevates your mood. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior demonstrates the ways that your overall demeanor can be affected by frequent sexual activity.

Reportedly, women who engaged in more partnered sex over a period of time experienced more general positivity in their lives. The best part about these findings come with the cyclical nature of their pattern. In short, more sex leads to a better mood, and a better mood then leads to more sex.

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While the results of this study only applied to women who were having sex with a partner, we don’t think that should stop people who are flying solo from giving it the good ol’ college try.

Sex Increases Compassion

This perk is likely one of the most compelling reasons to give extra sex a shot in the crazed pre-holiday weeks. Between holiday shopping, eating and family stress, now is the perfect time to focus on your relationship with compassion.

Around 2010, psychiatrist Rene Hurlemann of Bonn University and neuroscientist Keith Kendrick of the Cambridge Babraham Institute set out to prove that increased levels of oxytocin in the body could lead to increased experiences of empathy. Fortunately for us, their findings confirmed their suspicions.

Known as the “cuddle chemical,” oxytocin is released into the body in droves when you orgasm, and its benefits don’t stop when the sex does. As a part of their study, Hurlemann and Kendrick rounded up 48 men, and gave half the group a shot of aerosol oxytocin and half a placebo. They then showed the men pictures of people engaging in emotional moments. The men who were given the oxytocin reported "significantly higher emotional empathy levels" than the men in the control group.

So, what does this mean for the rest of us?

Simply put: more orgasms can make you a nicer, more compassionate person. More sexual activity that results in orgasm means more oxytocin released into the body on a regular basis. More oxytocin flowing through your brain may help keep you from starting a fight with your annoying co-worker at the company holiday party.  Everybody wins!

Happy horny holidays from Sportsheets!

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