Megan Andelloux talks shower sex to Cosmo readers

by Sportsheets Inc April 17, 2014

Megan Andelloux talks shower sex to Cosmo readers

Megan Andelloux talks shower sex with Cosmo readers in the Real Talk section.

Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Real talk:

Q How can I enjoy shower sex more? To me, it’s just a Iot of awkward positions and hot water in my face. Not really as “romantic” and “steamy” as they make it in the movies.

A  Okay, so shower sex is obviously not your thing. Don’t force it! Instead, think of it as foreplay plus H2O, and use the time to massage and wash each other, saving the actual sex for once you’re out. If you’re determined to make shower sex work, Megan Andelloux, a clinical sexologist in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, recommends Sex In The Shower, a brand of sex toys (by Sportsheets- with suction handles and footrests that are specially designed to make getting it on in the tub or shower easier.   (If anyone asks what that thing attached to your shower wall is, you can just say it’s for shaving. pictured is the Sex In The Shower™ Single Locking Suction Foot Rest). “I would also suggest silicone lubricant because it stays on in the water”, Andelloux says. But hazard warning: Silicone lube does its job so well, it increases your slippage factor if it gets on your shower floor.

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