McPeteSez body image piece and Sportsheets Plus go hand in hand

by Sportsheets Inc July 17, 2014

McPeteSez body image piece and Sportsheets Plus go hand in hand

In the current edition of McPete Sez Lingerie Newsletter, Lipgloss & Lace by Mandie Mutchie addresses body image perfectly. For full story visit page 3.  Reprinted with permission.

Sportsheets plus was designed by women for women and also address body image.

Mandie has written at length about body image in several Lipgloss & Lace installments. Now she is back at it but this time is letting someone else tell the story.
Below are phenomenal images by Carol Rossetti, a Brazilian graphic artist, and they depict stories from her life, her friends’ lives, and the lives of women she’s seen online.

She started making these awesome images in Portugese and got help translating them into English. They’ve become an Internet phenomenon, and I can totally see why! They’re now in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, German and Lithuanian.

I absolutely admire and adore these images, because they portray messages that are right in our faces, but sometimes too close to see. And I have to admit – some of them pointed out things to me that I’ve been judgmental about, and now realize that I should have done differently and thought about differently – because why is one of these ideas any better or worse than the other!

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