Introduction to Sex In The Shower

by Sportsheets Inc August 28, 2014

Introduction to Sex In The Shower

Picture this: you’ve had a long day at work, it’s hot outside, and you’re aggravated after a long commute home. All you can think about is getting out of your work clothes and slipping into something comfortable. And once you walk through the door, your lover is there smiling at you, urging you to join them in the shower so you can relax…

Sounds sexy, right? The chance to rub your slippery body against your partner’s body, soap each other up and make sure you get everything perfectly clean, then get a little dirty together? Behold: the joy of sex in the shower!

For some of us, the shower is our private time; it’s where we can relax, take care of ourselves, and (if we have children or roommates) it may be one of the precious few places we can have some privacy. But it can also be a space you share for some sexy time.

There are a few things to make sure that you have on hand in order to make your sexy shower time safe: the first is a non-skid bottom to your tub or shower stall. Whether it’s a textured floor, or a non-slip bath mat, or even some inexpensive textured stickers from the home store, a surface that you won’t slip on is key to your comfort.

For most of us, having a little leverage in the shower helps us to be more confident and comfortable (and keep the fun going longer) – the Dual Locking handle (link: and the Single Locking foot rest (link: give you a safe way to change the angle and provide even more stability. What’s also great is that accessories like these can stay in place even when we’re not using them, and since their so discreet, if the kids or parents see them, they’ll never know what you use them for!).

Once you get in there, make sure you’ve got some silicone lube on hand; unlike water-based lube, silicone lube stays put even when wet so you can make penetration more comfortable and last longer. But remember: just use a tiny bit at a time; a spill on the floor of your shower can be difficult to clean up, and makes the tub even slicker.

Because keeping your balance may be a little harder in the shower, experiment with different positions and find which ones make you both feel the most stable. During intercourse, you may want to focus on shorter, rocking thrusts rather than longer, faster ones. Going slower can tease you and your partner differently than a more vigorous session, but it has the benefit of giving you time to savor each other’s bodies in ways that faster sex may not. You may even find a new position or two that changes and helps you hit spots that you’d never found as easily before!

There’s no reason that you can’t bring your toys into the shower, too, but skip the rubber ducky and go for something waterproof like a g-spot vibe (link: or vibrating cock ring (link:

These will let you add some zing to your play, and are safe to use in the shower. Of course, your non-vibrating toys like dildos and anal beads are also perfect shower buddies!

If you like restraint play, there is no reason you can’t bring that into the tub with you, too! Neoprene cuffs are all water-safe, and of course, you can even get handcuffs with an attached suction cup (link: for even more versatility.  And while you’re at it, grab that vibrating sponge (link: and tease your bound lover with a sensational all-over body scrub!

One of the best parts about shower sex? You come out cleaner than when you went in, and there’s no need to change the sheets after a wet, sexy romp.


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