Guest Review by Edeneve for Sportsheets Sexperiments Nipple Suckers

by Sportsheets Inc March 07, 2016

Guest Review by Edeneve for Sportsheets Sexperiments Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers, huh, I thought, when I first discovered them.  What’s the point (no pun intended)?  I don’t know, something like them just never occurred to me.  What’s all the hoopla about?  Recently, I found an opportunity to test and review Sportsheets’ Sexperiments Nipple Suckers.  So I waved my hand high and they sent me a pair to test and review.

Each Nipple Sucker consists of two pieces, a black bulb and a milky clear cylinder.  The two pieces connect to each other by inserting the stem on the cylinder into the base of the bulb. Each squeezable bulb is 4″ in circumference and 1 1/2″ in length and are made of PVC.  PVC is non-toxic and very porous.  This means that although it is toxin free, it can’t be sanitized.  

The cylinders are flared ending with a flange at the base to securely attach to your skin.  The hard ABS plastic cylinders are 1″ in length with a circumference of 4″ at the flanged base.  And the center of the cylinder is 3/4″ wide.  My nipples are just about 1/2″ wide so they fit quite nicely inside the cylinders allowing room for my nipples to expand.  ABS plastic is non-porous and non-toxic.

Since the suckers are two pieces that can be detached from each other, cleaning them is simple.  When I first got Nipple Suckers, I made a warm bath of soapy water, pulled the bulbs and cylinders apart and submerged all the pieces making sure to squeeze and release the bulbs to get the inside of them just as clean as the outside.  After rinsing out all soapy water, I stood the bulbs up along with the cylinders on a soft towel to dry overnight.

So nipple suckers, what do they do?  Why would anyone want to use them?  Well, using nipple suckers can increase your nipple pleasure by bringing more blood flow to them thereby making your nipples more sensitive.  Those nipple nerve endings can be somewhat unresponsive without a lot of aggressive nipple stimulation as are mine.  And for others, even more sensitivity is desired for their already sensitive nipples.

Some people take using nipple suckers a step further from increasing sensitivity to feeling some level of sexually stimulating pain.  You can do either with Nipple Suckers.  Experiment with the suckers to find what you enjoy.  You might be surprised to find a bit of pain pleasurable, I did.  But my interest lies more in having increased sensitivity since I have nipples of steel.

Using Nipple Suckers is fairly simple.  Apply a lubricant of choice to your nipples or on the edge of the flanged base of the cylinders for a good seal.  You could go lube free as well, if you’d like.  Then you just take hold of the bulb, squeeze it, slip the cylinder over your nipple, and release the bulb.  The amount of pressure you use as you press the cylinder into your areola before releasing the bulb affects whether you feel increased sensitivity or some level of pain.  And if you’re just wanting those perky nipples you seem to see everywhere but in your mirror, the Suckers will get them there.

Having nipples of steel means that unless I get a lot of stimulation, and the right kind of stimulation, I just have an ok nice subtle pleasurable experience.  In the last couple of years, I’ve discovered that I enjoy my nipples, and more, being sucked and tugged so hard to almost being bitten.  And I also enjoy when my nipples are played with while using a lot of pressure to the verge of being pinched.  Oh, oh, am I a bit kinky, now?

I experimented several times with Nipple Suckers.  Oh yes, my nipples became more sensitive.  I tried different levels of pressure as I pressed the cylinders against my skin.  I found that the suction could reach a level of pain I have no desire to feel.  So those of you wanting that extra edge, you’ll find it.  A word of caution, don’t exceed more than 20 minutes of suction.  And if you notice your skin turning purple, get them off ASAP!  So unless I’m missing a piece of kink or BDSM, cutting off blood flow is not the goal with nipple suckers.

I also found my nipples became very hard with a bit of areola dimpling.  Oh, and sometimes they felt itchy and I had to get the suckers off to rub out the itchiness.  Itchy?  What the…..?  Sensitivity, remember, increasing sensitivity is what nipple suckers are all about.

I think Nipple Suckers are intended to be used or worn more so for creating increased nipple sensitivity rather than for sex.  They fall off after a while whether I’m moving around or just sitting while writing this review.  I think it might be because suction is lost when the lube is dried.  Doesn’t really matter for me though since suction shouldn’t exceed more than 20 minutes anyway.  The shortest amount of time I’ve clocked before the suckers fall off is 12 minutes.  And by then, they are pumped full of blood creating hard, erect, and more sensitive nipples.

For those of us who don’t have a lot of money, the price for these suckers may be too high. There are more affordably priced nipple suckers available.  However, you will need to do a little research.  Read reviews for them and make comparisons between them as well as comparing them with these nipple suckers.  Think about how you want to use them – increase sensitivity or during sex.

Also be sure to compare the quality between the nipple suckers you check out.  I do think the quality of Nipple Suckers is superior to some lower priced nipple suckers.  And quality is important to me.  Quality of construction for performance and durability.  And the quality of materials used to ensure body safety.

Since this is my first experience with nipple suckers, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  They don’t look the same as some serious ones like I see in kinky sex pictures or have read about.  I think it was a good experience to try them out.  I have more of an understanding of the why for using them now.  Also, this experience gave me a hint of the kinky pain some enjoy. Maybe I’ll be brave some day and increase the suction to beyond the level of pain I’ve already experienced while testing them.

But wait, what about those nipple orgasms I’ve heard so much about?  How does that happen?  What do I do?  Well, that’s for another time to discover.  For now, Nipple Suckers make playing with my nipples more enjoyable.  I must say, though, I find it quite intriguing looking down at my full breasts with my nipples almost completely filling the cylinders.

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